Comment #3 on issue 1368 by rtatavarty: LDAP not properly translating %s for LDAP

Exactly the same issue is seen with RB 1.5 stable.
LDAP DN reporting invalid syntax.
Config: RHEL 5.5 and Apache webserver.
Tried giving User mask as uid=%s, (uid=%s), '(uid=%s)', "(uid=%s)" - all returned the same error.
2010-11-16 17:32:59,803 - INFO - Log file for Review Board v1.5 (PID 9859)
2010-11-16 17:32:59,936 - WARNING - LDAP error: {'info': 'Invalid DN', 'desc': 'Invalid DN syntax'}

Is there any other workaround/check for this issue?
ldapsearch command is returning all results with no problem.


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