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New issue 1885 by dmitry.murashenkov: Permissions to restrict viewing of all commits and closing review requests

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We are using review board for a post-commit reviews. Commit hook in svn ensures that all commits get listed in review board and must be reviewed. Unfortunately it seems that there is no way to prevent commit author from closing his own review request. So developer can discard review request and there will be a chance for his code to skip review.

Another problem is that there are some outsource teams working on our project. We want to review their code (same scheme - review goes after commit), but we do not want them to view all commits in the system. For example we want to restrict them from viewing commits to our security subsystem.

Third problem is that user can add himself to any review group.

It would be nice to have more granular control over permissions in the listed cases. Perhaps role system and developer/reviewer roles can help here and only allow developers to view reviews for their own code, also reviewers can be restricted from viewing code they are not responsible for (only default reviewer gets access).

Though these are features not needed for an open source projects and pre-commit-review schemes, their absence makes Atlassian Crucible the only suitable code review tool for companies with more strict security and workflow requirements.

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