Comment #2 on issue 1888 by openlifecycle: KeyError at /review/admin/db/scmtools/repository/add/

Yes it is a brand new install.

Admin UI -> Database -> Tools show up all the SCM Tools.

Class name
        Bazaar  reviewboard.scmtools.bzr.BZRTool
        Clear Case      reviewboard.scmtools.clearcase.ClearCaseTool
        CVS     reviewboard.scmtools.cvs.CVSTool
        Git     reviewboard.scmtools.git.GitTool
        Mercurial       reviewboard.scmtools.hg.HgTool
        Perforce        reviewboard.scmtools.perforce.PerforceTool
        Subversion      reviewboard.scmtools.svn.SVNTool

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