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New issue 1913 by Settings information available to staff without siteconfig permission

Based on this email...

... I'm filing a bug.

In the recommended changes from the above email, I changed templates/admin/base_site.html to wrap the settings link with {% if user.is_superuser %}.

Upon exploring the permissions in Django, it looks like it should be possible to use the more surgical, and always correct:

{% if perms.whatever_permission_name %} that corresponds to siteconfig change_siteconfiguration - I couldn't figure out the name of the permission.

Likewise, in, this sort of change:
def site_settings(request, form_class,

    if request.user.is_superuser:
        return djblets_site_settings(request, form_class, template_name, {
            'root_path': settings.SITE_ROOT + "admin/db/"
        err_resp = HttpResponse("Permission denied.", status = 401)
        return err_resp

... but again, specifically checking for the named permission.

That will get me back to using an unpatched version of reviewboard.

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