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New issue 1917 by joshua.m.kwan: post-review doesn't play nice with msysgit on Windows

What version are you running?
1.5 Beta 1

When trying to post a review from a git repository on Windows using msysgit, post-review will not pick up git because msysgit installs a 'git.cmd' into the user's PATH. But post-review uses subprocess.Popen to launch commands, which on Windows delegates to CreateProcess, which does not automatically append .cmd extensions, only .exe (see MSDN for an explanation of this behavior.) However, CreateProcess will resolve things in the PATH, though, so subprocess.Popen('git.cmd', ...) does work.

The fix is to try running 'git.cmd' explicitly, only on Windows. a patch is attached.

        post-review.diff  8.1 KB

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