Comment #3 on issue 1873 by Anthony.L.Chen: Post-commit review does not work with code committed to git repository (master branch)

I am experiencing this same problem. I see the patch does not apply cleanly error for a modified file that has been committed to master. Files that are newly added in the same commit that's being posted for review show up fine in the diff viewer.

For my case, I am using a remotely accessed repository via cgit.

I defined the raw URL path and tested it using the path and hash listed in the diff. It shows up correctly (p.s, important to include plain, and id2)

Both tmp files dumped to the reviewboard temp directory display HTML content from the cgit webserver that says "No repositories found" instead of the expected raw file content. This is probably the problem. I am guessing that the raw file URL that gets generated to be accessed is somehow invalid.

I don't see any info in the reviewboard log that helps.

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