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New issue 1946 by Would like to be able to create repositories from the command line.


When adding git clones, one has to log in to the reviewboard host machine and create it. Then one has to log into reviewboard UI in a browser to create the repository associated with it.

It would be great if the whole thing could be done from the command line, I can run a shell script then to create the git clone and repository all in one go, without having to go near the browser. (Donr get me wrong, I like the browser, but as a sysadmin going to 2 places when 1 will do is stupid.)

something like:

rb-create-repository --name $name --path $path --mirror $mirror-path --type $type --btu $bug-tracker-url

or similar.

Maybe something already exists, I saw a post a while back that Yahoo! are running things from the command line.(?)

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