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New issue 1950 by davemccloskey: Exporting reviews to external file

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In my industry, we need to document our code reviews to show that we are following proceedure. This documentation is in the form of a long-term quality record (PDF) that is stored in a highly redundant system. While it is sufficient to print the review summary to a PDF and attach it to the document, it would be better if there was a different way.

I request that there be a way to export the results of a review (basically just what shows up on the URL I have listed). I think it would be great if this was exported into XML so that we could make our own stylesheets for transform, but it would also be great to have some built-in stylesheets, for example, one that forms a CSV-type file. The goal is to paste these into a Word document such that they fit on a wide page and provide the: reviewer, location, code snipet, and the comment and responses -- for each comment.

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Win XP (not my fault), Chrome

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