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Comment #1 on issue 1959 by chip...@gmail.com: Looking for a list of DIFF file settings - using Mercurial 1.7.3

We expect a unified diff in a format that our tools can parse. A Mercurial diff *should* be working.

What would be helpful is to see a sample diff that causes this problem, and then see the files in the tmp directory listed during the "Patch didn't apply cleanly" error. There should be a .rej file in there that may help determine things.

One thing that you may want to make sure of is that the revision your diff uses as a base can be found in the repository that Review Board is configured to access. If your diff is using a branch as a base and that branch isn't in the upstream repository, you'll need to provide a parent diff. I don't have experience with 'hg postreview', but standard post-review has a --parent=<branchname> option that's used for that purpose. I imagine 'hg postreview' has something similar. That option will generate a diff between some upstream revision and the branch you specify, and use that as a base to apply your new diff onto.

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