Status: Confirmed
        Labels: -Type-Defect Type-Enhancement Milestone-Release1.7

Comment #21 on issue 831 by chip...@gmail.com: Can't leave comments before you publish your own newly created review request

You're right. There's many people who want it, and I'm perfectly fine with it. Nobody has provided a patch for this, and while that's not a prerequisite for getting this in, please understand that there are lot of tickets and a lot of e-mails asking for all sorts of things, and we're only two people working full-time on this.

I would like to see this done at this point, and maybe we can get it into some release at some point soon (1.7 is the soonest I can imagine doing it unless someone sends us a patch). But please realize we're not selectively ignoring this patch. We just have to prioritize, and unfortunately that always means someone ends up not being happy or feels we're prioritizing incorrectly.

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