Comment #12 on issue 1961 by Git SSH repository: Cannot spawn rbssh

For the key, it specifically looks for id_dsa or id_rsa. It sounds like maybe it was still either looking in the wrong location, or you manually copied a file there?

Anyway, the SSH session isn't supposed to be up for too long, as it just runs a small command to get some info, but it seems this is failing. It's probably something specific to the Windows implementation of rbssh, as getting this right on Windows is far, far more tricky than on Linux/Mac, unfortunately.

I have no immediate answer. Until I get a chance to debug this on a Windows system and see if I can reproduce it, the only thing I can suggest is to modify rbssh to do some debugging (you can set DEBUG to True in there and add additional logging with debug("sometihng")), or, ideally, move your server to Linux. Review Board works far better in many ways on Linux than it does on Windows, due to the many dependencies we use being primarily tested on Linux.

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