Status: SetupIssue
        Owner: chipx86
        Labels: -Type-Defect Type-Support

Comment #1 on issue 1969 by chip...@gmail.com: API Error 207 -- The file was not found in the repository

Hi Andy,

Review Board accepted that path during configuration, but really we shouldn't. It should point to the root of the SVN repository.

The reason is that diffs in SVN provide a relative path from the directory that 'svn diff' was run in, and post-review will look at relative path to the root and prepend that to the paths in the diff.

The resulting path looked up on Review Board in your case would be /trunk/trunk/whatever. This should, of course, be /trunk/whatever, but you told Review Board that the root is /trunk, and that conflicts with post-review.

So just changing that back will fix things :)

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