Comment #3 on issue 1975 by Git rbssh:bad line length character

Unfortunately, due to the way STDIN/STDOUT piping is handled on Windows (in particular with Python) it is extremely difficult to get 100% right, and likely will depend on where each piece of the puzzle is coming from (cygwin, native installers, etc.) and how things are invoked. It truly is a pain, and I think from here on out we're going to have to push harder for Linux-based installs.

Our new unit tests for this add a repository and check it, and these do pass on Windows, but again, it could be a number of things.

So in theory, you can enable debugging. It's designed to work on a developer install right now, so I'm actually not completely sure where the log file will go (hopefully in data/). We'll need to sort that out down the road.g

You can enable this by setting DEBUG_RBSSH=1 in the environment (probably in your Apache config). It should spit out a rbssh.log file. It'll be going in the current working directory, whichever that is when it's executed. You may have to search around.

Alternatively, you can always edit reviewboard/cmdline/, find "rbssh.log" and give it a custom path for now.

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