Comment #3 on issue 1918 by git diffs are not parsed correctly

I am actually using git-svn as a client for a subversion repository. ReviewBoard is hooked up to the svn repo.

I imagine this isn't a common scenario, so I didn't expect to post-review tool to "just work", but I did hope that generating and posting standard diffs would work a little more smoothly.

In this case, I generated a series of diffs with:
$ git format-patch master --no-prefix

These diffs apply cleanly with `patch -p0`, so I hoped that uploading them, and specifying the right path in the svn repo would work. But, it kept giving the "No valid separator after the filename was found in the diff header" error until I added the "(revision XXXXX)" and "(working copy)" after the filenames.

Is there any other info you need?

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