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New issue 1991 by Using an external ssh or cvs/svn commands + kerberized access

What version are you running?

Is there a way to configure reviewboard to use an EXTERNAL ssh command
or EXTERNAL cvs/svn commands?

I need to access cvs and svn servers using ssh, but the ssh
connections are NOT on port 22 and they do NOT support public key
authentication, instead they support Kerberos authentication.    This
means I need a way to specify an external ssh command or external cvs/
svn commands.

Paramiko interface has port 22 hardcoded in it, and it doesnt support kerberos. So instead of using paramiko can i bypass it and ask reviewboard to use the default ssh of the the system.

Due to the paramiko interface adding svn repository fails.
I had to fix it by following:

I commented out the super(SVNTool, cls).check_repository(path, username, password) line in check_repository function of

Thus paramiko inteface is bypassed but the checkout works fine as it uses the pysvn package.

I switched to latest version of reviewboard 1.5.3 and CVS is not working anymore for the same setting that used to work on 1.5 So i reverted back to 1.5

So is there a way to bypass paramiko and use system defined cvs/svn/ssh tools?

Also the CVS diff file that is generated has the absolute path in the RCS file field. I was able to fix this with the help of

Hope this patch gets added to later versions.

Arjun Surendra
Software Engineer,AOL

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