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Comment #1 on issue 1991 by chip...@gmail.com: Using an external ssh or cvs/svn commands + kerberized access

Hi Arjun,

This is a bit tricky. So, there are two parts that deal with SSH: The repository verification (check_repository), which uses Paramiko, and as of RB 1.5.2, the rbssh script, which is a substitute for ssh that allows us to work around limitations in ssh for customizable, per-site .ssh directories.

The first part must use paramiko. We don't have any other API for the repository verification. Of course, in your case, you don't even really want that verification, and I wouldn't be totally opposed to support for skipping verification.

The second part, rbssh, also uses paramiko. So assuming the first is solved, what you want for the second is a way to say "Use the system ssh instead of rbssh," which I think is also a reasonable option to add, though we'll have to be very explicit on the limitations.

Another alternative for rbssh is to replace the system rbssh with a symlink to ssh. It will of course be overridden every time you upgrade, but that would solve that part.

The CVS thing is really a separate problem and I want to keep this ticket limited to Kerberos/system SSH support. That said, I'll reopen the ticket.

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