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New issue 1997 by Combine new diff & comment replies

Running ReviewBoard 1.5.3

A review receives multiple comments from multiple reviewers. I click the "Add Comment" button and respond to several of these comments.

This causes "This reply is a draft Be sure to publish when finished." to appear at the top of each separate review I have replied to.

Also, in the course of processing these comments, I have made some source changes and uploaded a new diff.

I would like to be able to hit a single "Publish everything" button. Just now I had to publish the new diff (and its comment "Review changes."), then each of the separate comments, thus spamming the receivers' mailboxes with 4 separate emails.

I have a vague sense that a "publish all" button may *already* exist; if so, take this as a report that its placement or style is not blindingly obvious enough.



Each replied-to review produces an email of the form:

On [date], [reviewer] wrote:

> > path/to/file
> > source code diff line before | after
> Reviewer's comment 1

Reply to review comment 1

On [date], [reviewer] wrote:

> > path/to/file
> > source code diff line before | after
> Reviewer's comment 2

Reply to review comment 2


On [date] [review requester] wrote:
... whole review request

When replying to several reviews, parts of this, especially the quoted whole review request, become redundant. Also, since the format of the individual comment replies already includes the name of the reviewer being responded to, there is no reason not to include multiple reviews in the same response.

Furthermore, there is a race condition. In this case I uploaded a single new diff which dealt with 3 reviewers' comments. If I published the comments like "Fixed" first, there would be a period where I claim it's fixed, but the diff doesn't reflect that; vice versa, if I publish the diff update first, there is no supporting commentary for a while. Normally these gaps would be small, but life is interrupt-driven, it could easily end up being hours if something else came up.

Being able to publish all replies + diff update (+ any other review changes -- added reviewers, changed text, whatever) in a single click avoids all of those issues.

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