Comment #2 on issue 2007 by error uploading diff with post-review 0.3.2 (path resolution fail)

This used to work with post-review 0.2 and older versions of rb.

The header for the diff of a file looks like this:

Index: MARIN/201102281519-create-last-forecast-settings
--- MARIN/201102281519-create-last-forecast-settings (.../iteration-0009/mscm/sql/changes) (revision 0) +++ MARIN/201102281519-create-last-forecast-settings (.../iteration-0010/mscm/sql/changes) (revision 40584)

When I run svn diff and post-review, I do it from within the iteration-XXX directory since that is all I have checked out of svn and where the reviewboard:url property is set. It wouldn't make sense for me to checkout ALL of /branches from svn since I don't need all of our branches...

Ideally, post-review would look at the diff and use the current working directory + path/to/file/in/diff (MARIN/201102281519-create-last-forecast-settings ) to create the svn path.

I was able to upload the diff using the webui by just setting the path to /branches, but it seems like there should be a way to do this from the CLI too without having to checkout all of /branches to upload the diff.

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