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New issue 2043 by Using reviewboard without a repository - only upload a diff file

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We currently use mercurial and SVN (legacy) as our reposirories. Most of the time, this works 100%. There are some cases with mercurial when we would like to review a patch (diff) but the parents are not on the server. In theory, using the parent diff could solve the problem, but it happened a few times when the changes and merges made it too complicated for some of the end users to generate the parent patch.

Therefore, in those case, even if we lose a few features (like the code expansion over the 3 lines given in the diff), we would like to be able to create a review with only the patch file, and no link to the repository behind.

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Windows, Chrome (and others, depending on our users).

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We are open to alternative solutions, among others, if we could serve our local repo for a few moments, while the review is being created, this would help go around the problem.


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