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New issue 2049 by Filtering requests at least by fields "Repository", "Reviews", "Submitter"

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pages "All review requests" / "My Dashboard"

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I'm subscribed to make review for 3 projects (and this number will be increased with time). It is very difficult for me to find something related to project or review... E.g. I want to see:

1) requests for certain project (filtering by "Repository" would help; sorting by this column would not help, because having 3 projects all the time 1 is in the middle ;)

2) requests which are already reviewed (filtering by "Reviews">0 would help). If I filter by project then I could sort by this field; Now seems that I can't sort by "reviews".

3) requests reviewed by me / not reviewed by me. I want to know which requests are already reviewed by me to check progress, as well as which requests are not reviewed by me (and maybe reviewed by somebody else, so I could check them to)

4) sometimes I got busy, so I can't review all requests; but I know that some people are good at coding, design etc. Few guys should be checked most of time. When I get busy I would save my time checking only these requests in first queue; so filtering by this column would help a lot (again, just sorting does not help that much..)

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Well, I am requesting for good, advanced filter for review requests

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