Comment #5 on issue 1986 by CVS repository(pserver) addition fails

I am having the same issue. I am using ReviewBoard 1.5.4 installed on Linux Redhat 5.5 (with CentOS release 5.5).

I was able to create a Subversion Repository which works fine.

But I get the "A repository was not found at the specified path." error message when I try to create a CVS RevfiewBoard Repository, using

and entering my username and password.  I also tried other
combinations, like

and entering my username and password.

Otherwise, I am able to use cvs on the machine where I have ReviewBoard installed, to do checkouts, diffs, etc.

Might I be missing something (should I add the CVSROOT variable to the apache environment, e.g., (if yes, how...)???

Any help will be most appreciated -- unfortunately, mine also is a private repository, but if there are any tests I could try, let me know.

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