Comment #6 on issue 1986 by CVS repository(pserver) addition fails

When I created the ReviewBoard repository specifying both the username and passsword in the :pserver: string, the repository got created successfully.


However, when I created a diff file, I got an error message when I tried to create a new Review request: "cvs server: cannot find module `/apps/cvs/smarts/smarts/app-version/' - ignored". I was able to create the Review request by editting the diff file and removing the path information that is part of the :pserver: string (the drb file works; drbM is the original):

05:28 /home/mccorb1/SAM82D9B/smarts/app-version 515> diff drb drbM
< RCS file: smarts/app-version/,v
RCS file: /apps/cvs/smarts/smarts/app-version/,v
< RCS file: smarts/app-version/misc/,v
RCS file: /apps/cvs/smarts/smarts/app-version/misc/,v
05:28 /home/mccorb1/SAM82D9B/smarts/app-version 516>

        drbM  1.1 KB

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