Comment #1 on issue 2079 by Jan.Koprowski: ReviewBoard show broken Git diff with broken extra whitespace

I checked using git bisect which commit introduced a bug. It was:

a018748e0c92dc46ec19c2137f94e5ca051e7df5 is the first bad commit
commit a018748e0c92dc46ec19c2137f94e5ca051e7df5
Author: Mikhail Rogozhin <>
Date:   Wed Dec 15 23:11:26 2010 -0800

    Fix extra whitespace highlight toggling

    Make whitespace highlight toggling work in diffs which are loaded
asynchroniusly. Elements with class "ew" will be highlighted depending on their
    ancestor element class.

    Tested on Chromium 6.0, Firefox 3.6.12, IE 8

:040000 040000 363ce855cf8fbaeca8d1b6df8060d76c9a6f4734 f3a742d7545fd639cabdaad8cb6ecc8857c876f8 M reviewboard

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