Status: Started
        Owner: chip...@gmail.com
        Labels: -Milestone-Release1.6 Milestone-Release1.7

Comment #16 on issue 839 by chip...@gmail.com: Option to convert tabs in the diff to (n) spaces

So unfortunately, the CSS for tab sizes is pretty unsupported in most browsers. Firefox 4 has it, and Opera 10.60, but Chrome/Safari/IE do not yet (nor do they provide alternatives). So we can't really do this through CSS yet. The only other solutions are styling all tabs and attempting to represent that size with a width:, or processing the file and converting to spaces. I'm not really happy with either of those yet, and feel that maybe we'll wait a bit more to see how this is supported in browsers.

I do have a patch that implements the CSS and provides global and per-repository options for it. I just don't want to advertise it too much when it's barely supported.

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