Comment #1 on issue 2092 by postreview does not upload diff

Debug info:

D:\11.1\58\p4\quartus\fitter\fitcc>postreview -d
p4 info
repository info: Path:, Base path: None, Supports changesets: True Looking for ' /review/' cookie in C:\Documents and Settings\vzhang\Local Settings\Application Data\.post-review-cookies.txt
Loaded valid cookie -- no login required
Attempting to create review request for None
HTTP POSTing to {'repository_path': ''}
Review request created
Uploading diff, size: 0
{'path': {'content': '', 'filename': 'diff'}}
0/diff/new/: {}
Error uploading diff: One or more fields had errors (105)
{'fields': {'path': ['The submitted file is empty.']}, 'stat': 'fail', 'err'
: {'msg': 'One or more fields had errors', 'code': 105}, 'deprecated': {'in_vers
ion': '1.5'}}
Your review request still exists, but the diff is not attached.

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