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New issue 2102 by "Ship it" false positive during review submission

ReviewBoard 1.5.5

1. Click "Review"
2. Enter some text
3. Leave "[ ] Ship it" UN-checked
4. Put mouse cursor on "Publish Review"
5. Put eyes on "[ ] Ship it" button
6. Click (thus performing "Publish Review")
7. Observe that "[v] Ship it" appears (a grey "check mark") while the submission is happening 8. Observe that the review that's emailed out and posted does *not* say "Ship it"

Expected: (a) "[ ] Ship it" button does not temporarily claim to be checked; (b) resulting review does not say "Ship it!" Actual: (a) button *does* temporarily and heart-stoppingly claim to be checked; (b) resulting review correctly does not say "Ship it!"

Therefore this is a cosmetic, not functional bug; but could easily cause human action (like posting another review saying "Ignore the ship it on that last review, it got turned on by mistake somehow" when in fact that didn't really happen).

OS: Ubuntu 9.10 x86_64
Browser: Opera 11.10

COUNTEREXAMPLE: tried with IE8, Win XP SP3 x86_32, checkmark did not appear. Therefore, some degree of browser interaction.

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