Comment #6 on issue 2005 by IE support broken in 1.6beta1

I can confirm this behavior. I was running ReviewBoard 1.5.5 with no problems, but upon upgrading to 1.6 beta 2 I started having problems with Internet Explorer. None of the review request fields are editable (the pencil icons are also missing), and buttons like "Publish" and "Download Diff" don't do anything when clicked on.

I can also confirm that accessing the server (which is on our local intranet) using an IP address instead of a DNS name results in everything working as expected.

I am seeing this behavior in IE9, but colleagues have reported the same behavior in IE7.

There seem to be some Javascript problems when loading the page. Here's what IE9's web developer console told me:

  SCRIPT1028: Expected identifier, string or number
  datastore.js?1305235942, line 154 character 13

  SCRIPT1028: Expected identifier, string or number
  ui.autocomplete.min.js?1305235942, line 1 character 5860

  SCRIPT5009: 'RB' is undefined
  reviews.js?1305235942, line 8 character 1

SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property 'nodeType': object is null or undefined
  jquery-1.3.2.min.js, line 19 character 13138

The first two errors correspond to commas that are immediately followed by a closing curly-brace. The third error indicates that reviews.js doesn't recognize the 'RB' object, but since this is defined in datastore.js I'm assuming that this is a side effect of the first error. I haven't yet been able to decipher the fourth error.

Removing these extraneous commas seems to fix the problem on my system. Attached are diffs against datastore.js and autocomplete.min.js. These changes were tested in IE7, IE9, and Firefox 4.0.1. Using these changes results in zero Javascript error messages on the debug console for both IE and Firefox.

        datastore.js.diff  775 bytes
        ui.autocomplete.min.js.diff  20.1 KB

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