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New issue 2123 by Support for Multiple SSH Keys

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Prior to the addition of rbssh, administrators were able to set per-host SSH keys via ~/.ssh/config.

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Server is running CentOS 5.  Browser is irrelevant for this.

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In the reviewboard user's .ssh/config file, one could add:

    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/

to set a custom key for a particular server, while still allowing the default .ssh/id_dsa key for other hosts. Paramiko appears to support SSH config files, and should allow rbssh to use the .ssh/config file. Unfortunately, sshutils doesn't seem to really support the idea of having keys listed other than id_dsa and id_rsa.

Some options:

* Modify sshutils and rbssh to properly use the .ssh/config.
* Modify the repository definition tables to allow a per-repository ssh key.
* Allow users to bypass rbssh to use the system ssh, which will honor the .ssh/config.

I'll be working on the first item for the moment.

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