Comment #13 on issue 1431 by Need support for TortoiseSVN diffs

We use ReviewBoard with TortoiseSVN and have found that TSVN gives you multiple ways to produce a diff, but only one produces a unified diff in the correct format for ReviewBoard.

In general, any way of creating a diff through the TortoiseMerge utility (which is the default utility for viewing diffs in Tortoise) resulted in a diff that was not formatted correctly for ReviewBoard. It appears that TortoiseMerge's diff treats the two files as simply files on your hard drive (not as a working copy and a pristine copy, like the "svn diff" command does) and doesn't create the header with the information that ReviewBoard needs. I suspect that many other diff programs will have this same problem.

Instead, if you right click -> TortoiseSVN submenu -> "Create Patch...", this WILL create a diff in the unified diff format expected by ReviewBoard. This command appears to use the "svn diff" command to create the diff (instead of doing the comparison itself), which is what ReviewBoard is expecting.

In case it's important, we're using ReviewBoard 1.6beta2 and TortoiseSVN 1.6.15

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