Comment #3 on issue 2134 by Diff breaks the review board.

Okay, I *think* I know what's causing *my* problem, but now I'm not sure that this is the same bug - it just appears to be. After banging my head against the code for a couple hours, though, I'm still not quite sure the best way to fix it.

The issue is that in SVNTool.get_file, normpath is not correct - somehow, for me, "path" gets passed in as "//trunk/tools/" (it is stored in the db this way), and normpath becomes "svn://my.svn.url/repo//trunk/tools/", which is not what is returned by self.client.propget - it returns "svn://my.svn.url/repo/trunk/tools/".

So, mine is either a bug in generating the diff entry (as it should not have two leading slashes when stored - and if I build a command with `svn diff`, just like post-review does, my repo returns the files without slashes, so that's being added somehow in post processing, before the diff model is saved), or it's intended to be saved with two slashes, and there is an error with processing it in __normalize_revision

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