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Comment #4 on issue 1457 by chip...@gmail.com: Add ability to define metrics and generate reports

We do not keep track of review time. That's actually a difficult thing to measure. When do you start/stop the clock? Do you keep track based on mouse movement, with some fuzzy amount of time after movement to account for reading? You certainly don't want to count all the time on a page, as they may get up and walk away for a snack or something.

Number of code reviews is simple. It can be queried from the database, and it'd be easy to extend the API.

Number of lines of code reviewed.. Do you mean the number of lines commented on? If so, that could also be figured out, as each comment has a number of lines it spans.

However, we are not focusing on making these statistics readily available through any formal API in 1.6. The plan right now is to focus on usability improvements, and features to speed up the code review process.

The goal after 1.6 is to get our extension API branch in, which will form the 2.0 release. That will make it possible for extensions (such as a statistics extension) to be built without depending on us including the entire thing directly in the codebase. The issue with features like statistics is that everyone wants something slightly different, and that can lead to feature bloat in the product, so we're using extensions as the way to solve that problem.

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