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New issue 2158 by Viewdiff throws an python exception

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1. Made one line changes in somefile.h
2. When looking into p4 diff output i saw that files contains changes in two lines, but i actually made changes in one line. The other line which shows diff as

<       property.title_len = strlen(property.title);
       property.title_len = (length_t)strlen(property.title);
<                ---

From the above diff line number shows "---" which i havn't changed
3. the post a review

4. Got to View diff tab and we see the error

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

<       property.title_len = strlen(property.title);
       property.title_len = (length_t)strlen(property.title);

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Linux 5.4, IE

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<workspace location>/somefile.h'  didn't apply cleanly.

Can someone help me how to ignore these "---" lines in the diff. Any workaround would be appreciated. Actually when doing p4 diff we got some different result as above due to which when RB diff utility tries the same RB gets confused and reported error. It might be the file which is present in the server is having the issue but how we can resolve this issue from review board side ...I know we need to modify

Please provide your input, if i make the changes in as below will it work? I haven't tried will try once your response.

In subroutine convert_line_endings(data)

if i add one more line as
temp = data.replace('---', '\n')

Will this change work.. I am new to python.

Please help

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