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New issue 2182 by ReviewBoard cannot cope with Perforce proxies

What version are you running?

We have a enterprise-wide Perforce environment that includes multiple, redundant servers. These servers are behind Perforce proxies that direct clients to the appropriate server based on geographic and/or server status.

While clients can connect to the proxies, direct connections to the server(s) are explicitly disallowed.

The problem with ReviewBoard is that:

(1) post-review insists that the server address in the repository
    configuration match that found in the output of 'p4 info';
    'p4 info' returns the identity of the _actual_ Perforce server,
    not the proxy.

(2) Configuring the ReviewBoard repository with the server name
    from 'p4 info' allows post-review to work, but all Perforce
    operations from the server fail as they attempt to contact
    the server directly rather than through the proxy.

(3) There does not appear to be any configurable logging to
    see the Perforce commands that ReviewBoard is issuing or any
    resulting errors--making this issue very hard to diagnose.
    (Perhaps I've overlooked something here, though...)

This is effectively a show-stopper for us.

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