Comment #5 on issue 1481 by ledmonster: Review Board 500 error if testing done is over 65535 characters (or a bit smaller)

It's a problem of djblets' JSONField.
Please remove 'db_type' method from JSONField, and everything goes well, because TextField uses 'longtext' in default.

class JSONField(models.TextField):
A field for storing JSON-encoded data. The data is accessible as standard
    Python data types and is transparently encoded/decoded to/from a JSON
    string in the database.
    serialize_to_string = True

    def __init__(self, verbose_name=None, name=None,
                 encoder=DjangoJSONEncoder(), **kwargs):
        models.TextField.__init__(self, verbose_name, name, blank=True,
        self.encoder = encoder

-     def db_type(self, connection=None):
-         return "text"

Django TextField's mysql type is defined at django.db.backends.mysql.creation

Related issue (Django):

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