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Comment #1 on issue 2252 by chip...@gmail.com: changes between r2 and 2 doesn't make sense

These are revisions of diffs on a review request, rather than revisions within the repository. This selector allows reviewers to see what changed between versions of a diff that you've uploaded. For example, if you put up a large change, then make some additional changes to it based on reviews, and update your diff, reviewers will be able to see just those changes you've made instead of having to re-read a large diff.

The UI for the diff revisions selector will undergo a rewrite at some point, as its interaction is not great and is a hold-over from the very early days of Review Board.

If you're on r2, you shouldn't actually be able to click r2. The style on it should indicate that it's selected as one end of the revision range. Is that not happening? Is it actually clickable?

Does that clear things up?

(Love the Humble Indie Bundle, btw.)

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