Comment #1 on issue 2310 by git diff is invalid when using --parent option

Don't know if this is the good fix, bu the one below seems to "make things work"™:

diff --git a/support/scripts/post-review b/support/scripts/post-review
index 8d556e8..9401374 100755
--- a/support/scripts/post-review
+++ b/support/scripts/post-review
@@ -2947,10 +2947,7 @@ class GitClient(SCMClient):
         Performs a diff on a particular branch range.
-        if commit:
-            rev_range = "%s..%s" % (ancestor, commit)
-        else:
-            rev_range = ancestor
+        rev_range = "%s..%s" % (ancestor, commit)

         if self.type == "svn":
diff_lines = execute([self.git, "diff", "--no-color", "--no-prefix",

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