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New issue 2328 by vzeitlin: Marking the review as submitted takes too many clicks

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I create all my review requests using post-review which is great as it's fast and efficient. However marking the already reviewed patches as submitted has to be done manually and it's not as simple as it could be because the initial dashboard view doesn't show the outgoing requests for some reason, requiring an extra click to just see the review and then you need to click on the review, mark it as submitted and, if you want to mark another one, repeat the entire process because you're not even returned to the outgoing reviews list after doing this (this is the subject of issue 2312).

Ideal would be to:

 1. Show both outgoing and incoming reviews in the main dashboard screen.
2. Have a "Submitted" checkbox in the outgoing reviews list and "Apply" button.

Alternatively, maybe post-review (I'm using 0.3.3) could be extended with a --mark-submitted option?


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