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New issue 2349 by Enhance Repository settings for automatically request generating without commands in hook

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- Change repository (admin/db/scmtools/repository/1/)
- Add repository (admin/db/scmtools/repository/add/)

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when I "own" SVN repository I can add post-review command there and it costs me just few more seconds to commit my changes (I mean there is a time difference when I commit my changes with and without post-review command in hook). Now I am in situation when SVN is hosted by customer, I have no access to it except for committing my code. It's a bit problematic to use ReviewBoard for it. My solution for it was to write a java program which connects to SVN each 5 (actually configurable value) minutes and asks if there were any new commits, and then generates appropriate review requests (well, useing post-review command, I just don't now internal RB services to use them directly) for each of them automatically (just asking SVN for info needed, like who committed, description... ). This way I don't need access to SVN server, it does not make overhead for committing (time to commit is the same as without post-review command, logically). Delay in few minutes does not bother me (anyway it is post commit review). It is really easy to implement and make it an option for users: either to use post-review command in hook, or ReviewBoard will do the same on its own, just with delay.

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