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New issue 2378 by Uncorrect initial location of reviewboard.db file

I am running ReviewBoard 1.6.1, on Windows Vista.

I made follow steps (now, i am in "C:\Reviewboard"):

1. git clone git://,
2. git checkout -b release-1.6.x remotes/origin/release-1.6.x
3.      $ cd reviewboard
        $ python develop
        $ python contrib/internal/

4. After that, non-empty file reviewboard.db appeared in "C:\Reviewboard\reviewboard\reviewboard",
5. python contrib/internal/,
6. Reviewboard said that i don`t have django_site table,
7. Stopped devserver,
8. Found that _empty_ file reviewboard.db appeared in "C:\Reviewboard\reviewboard",
9. python reviewboard/ syncdb,
10. Found that empty reviewboard.db (from step 8) became non-empty.
This file and file from step 4, have same size.

May be something went wrong in, because it create
reviewboard.db at another directory? And may be by similar way "data"
folder, wasn`t created in proper location?

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