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New issue 2397 by Allow "svn blame" or "cvs annotate" in diff view

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In the expanded side by side view I like to see, who commited the latest version of each line. This output is provided, e. g. by "svn blame" or the "cvs annotate" commands.

Multiple developers commit to a development branch. At some point in time, we like to review the changes that they did, so we create a diff from the start of the branch to that point in time and post it to our review board. I like to see, who did what so I can create developer specific comments. Also, the developers can focus on the review comments that relate to "their" respective lines.

I know, that who last committed a line, is not nescessarily the creator of that line, but still an option to show the comitter would be helpfull for our use case.

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