Comment #12 on issue 396 by Whose 'court' the review in currently in?

My name is Kimberly Clifton, and it seems that I am being reviewed for some kind of PPI issue here. I am guessing this is related to Dan Schiffrin. If you want to make an update to whatever review board this goes to I would appreciate it if you would realize that I did not know there was a problem with looking at information that seemed to me to be public information that is on the internet. I am now seeming to realize this is a problem. It also seems to me that Dan has been bothered by this. If he had been so bothered by this as to go to this length he very easily could have told me to stop and I would have respected his wishes. I had no idea he would even know that I was doing searches on him. It is quite embarrassing. I do not even know why I was. He was someone I knew in high school and I was curious to see what he was doing and where he was living b/c I have a very boring life for the most part. I also wondered where he was and how he was doing, and I didn't think it was a big deal if I knew what was what I thought public information. As to knowing his address, that was found out on public websites that anyone can see, and I didn't think there was anything illegal about this. I had no intention of doing anything with this information other than filling in the gaps of my 20 yr curiosity of where and what Dan was doing and living. It is nothing more than a childhood fantasy. Clearly it has become an issue for him, and I never should have contacted him in the first place. I wish I hadn't and I will never again. I will not look him up on the internet or have any desire to go anywhere near him via internet or anything else. Fantasy is over, as if he could actually file charges against a person who he once said he loved, then I really never want to have anything to do with him. I have no interest in ever communicating or knowing anything about him, and never had any intention to harm him. And he should know better than that, that I would ever do anything to harm him. He knew me in high school and I was always very kind to him, and he has no reason to think I would want to harm him. I wanted to tell him something that happened that concerned him, and I thought he should know about it, but as he did in the past, he said he would call and never did. He should really figure it out, but he won't and it does not matter anymore b/c it is in the past and I don't want to tell him anything anymore b/c he doesn't deserve to know anyway and wouldn't care.

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