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Did you get that? So you can tell him if he leaves me the hell alone, I will gladly leave him alone, b/c he really is an asshole for thinking that I wanted to do anything to him other than talk to him. I would never hurt him in any way, and he should know better! If he really thought I would hurt him than he has changed far more than I will ever know for the worse, and I don't ever want to know anything about him or be anywhere near him. So you can expect that I will not be concerned of his whereabouts anymore. For chrissake, I just have a boring life, I"m unemployed, with no boyfriend, and just wanted to have some kind of fantasy life. It was just a stupid fantasy that is clearly misdirected. Should have had a fantasy of a rock star or someone worthy! I never paid for any information and had no idea I was breaking the law or that he even knew of this, and I'm humiliated enough, and he is just mean for humiliating me b/c don't let him think he's so innocent. He talks about sex with me one night and the next day doesn't want to talk to me! So that makes me crazy! Wow, you have to love men. They really should shut up when they feel like being horny. Tell him the next time he wants to talk about sex, talk to one of his hooker girlfriends!

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