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New issue 2483 by Minor tweak to review request email notification template to include repository name along with review group

Version:  1.6.3
OS: RHEL 5.7
Browser:  Chrome, Firefox  (not relevant in this case)

I patched the reviewboard/templates/notifications/review_request_email.{html,txt} files in our deployment to include the related repository name, such as in the following line:

<div>Review request for {% reviewer_list review_request %} ({{}}).</div>

This is useful for anyone who ever shares review groups across multiple repositories. In our case, we have several dozen related small repos that all share a single review group, and we found it often difficult to differentiate one from another in the review request emails. We would previously need to actually view the review request in order to find the repository name. I realize that creating/managing distinctly named review groups for every repository would avoid needing to add this info to the notification, but we have found it simpler to maintain a smaller number of review groups.

I found a rejected enhancement request for more formal template customization support. So, I simply modified the template files directly and thought I'd submit this suggestion for the minor tweak so that I won't need to patch after each upgrade (and also because I suspect this might be generally useful).

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