Comment #3 on issue 2533 by post-review prefers /home/login/.git over /home/login/svn/.svn

Yep, that's the one. Though, I realized it's more complicated than that. Right now, RepositoryInfo doesn't have any information on where the base of the repository is, locally. That would have to be added to every supported SCMClient, and that may differ depending on what output the tool provides.

So while that's how I'd prefer this to be done, a simpler (though still touching each class) modification that would also work is to provide a new option/.reviewboardrc variable for specifying the type of repository.

I'd call this REPOSITORY_TYPE and have it take a string. One of "cvs", "clearcase", "git", "mercurial", "perforce", "plastic", or "svn".

What you'd then need to do is modify the SCMClient class (same file) to have a 'scm_type = None' in the class body (before __init__), and then take each SCMClient subclass in clients/ and override that variable to be one of the above strings.

Then in, in parse_options, add a "--repository-type" option that takes one of these, defaulting to 'get_config_value(configs, 'REPOSITORY_TYPE').

Then in scan_usable_client, in the "for tool in SCMCLIENTS' loop, before getting the repository info, just do a check like:

if not options.repository_type or options.repository_type == tool.scm_type:
        # Do the rest of the body for repository_info here.

Touches many files, but it's a bit simpler to do and will actually be faster in many cases for users who use it (since it won't have to call into every tool on the system that it finds). It's mostly some copy and paste for the strings and add_option.

I'll be happy to answer any questions on this.

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