Comment #1 on issue 2555 by On a https Mercurial URL, a diff on a file that currently exists throws an error

In, the offending function is:

class HgWebClient(SCMClient):
    FULL_FILE_URL = '%(url)s/%(rawpath)s/%(revision)s/%(quoted_path)s'

    def __init__(self, path, username, password):
        super(HgWebClient, self).__init__(path, username=username,

        logging.debug('Initialized HgWebClient with url=%r, username=%r',
                      self.path, self.username)

    def cat_file(self, path, rev="tip"):
        if rev == HEAD or rev == UNKNOWN:
            rev = "tip"
        elif rev == PRE_CREATION:
            rev = ""

        for rawpath in ["raw-file", "raw"]:
                url = self.FULL_FILE_URL % {
                    'url': self.path.rstrip('/'),
                    'rawpath': rawpath,
                    'revision': rev,
                    'quoted_path': urllib_quote(path.lstrip('/')),

                url = url.replace('https', 'http')
                return self.get_file_http(url, path, rev)
            except Exception:
                # It failed. Error was logged and we may try again.

        raise FileNotFoundError(path, rev)

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