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New issue 2560 by Error uploading diff for a perforce diff

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What version are you running?

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What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. post-review changenum

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
RBTools 0.4.1
Home = /home/mstar
HTTP GETting api/
HTTP GETting http://msstra066-ubuntu/api/info/
Using the new web API
HTTP GETting http://msstra066-ubuntu/api/repositories/
Repositories on Server: [{u'path': u'http://MSSPC1474/svn/rb-test', u'tool': u'Subversion', u'id': 3, u'links': {u'info': {u'href': u'http://msstra066-ubuntu/api/repositories/3/info/', u'method': u'GET'}, u'self': {u'href': u'http://msstra066-ubuntu/api/repositories/3/', u'method': u'GET'}, u'update': {u'href': u'http://msstra066-ubuntu/api/repositories/3/', u'method': u'PUT'}, u'delete': {u'href': u'http://msstra066-ubuntu/api/repositories/3/', u'method': u'DELETE'}}, u'name': u'haha'}, {u'path': u'msstra066-ubuntu:1666', u'tool': u'Perforce', u'id': 6, u'links': {u'info': {u'href': u'http://msstra066-ubuntu/api/repositories/6/info/', u'method': u'GET'}, u'self': {u'href': u'http://msstra066-ubuntu/api/repositories/6/', u'method': u'GET'}, u'update': {u'href': u'http://msstra066-ubuntu/api/repositories/6/', u'method': u'PUT'}, u'delete': {u'href': u'http://msstra066-ubuntu/api/repositories/6/', u'method': u'DELETE'}}, u'name': u'perforce'}] Server Aliases: ['', 'msstra066-ubuntu:1666', 'mstar:1666']
Attempting to create review request on msstra066-ubuntu:1666 for 5
HTTP POSTing to http://msstra066-ubuntu/api/review-requests/: {'changenum': '5', 'repository': u'msstra066-ubuntu:1666'} Got API Error 204 (HTTP code 409): The change number specified has already been used Error data: {u'stat': u'fail', u'review_request': {u'status': u'pending', u'last_updated': u'2012-04-01T18:29:33', u'description': u'<saved by Perforce>\n', u'links': {u'diffs': {u'href': u'http://msstra066-ubuntu/api/review-requests/19/diffs/', u'method': u'GET'}, u'repository': {u'href': u'http://msstra066-ubuntu/api/repositories/6/', u'method': u'GET', u'title': u'perforce'}, u'changes': {u'href': u'http://msstra066-ubuntu/api/review-requests/19/changes/', u'method': u'GET'}, u'self': {u'href': u'http://msstra066-ubuntu/api/review-requests/19/', u'method': u'GET'}, u'update': {u'href': u'http://msstra066-ubuntu/api/review-requests/19/', u'method': u'PUT'}, u'last_update': {u'href': u'http://msstra066-ubuntu/api/review-requests/19/last-update/', u'method': u'GET'}, u'reviews': {u'href': u'http://msstra066-ubuntu/api/review-requests/19/reviews/', u'method': u'GET'}, u'draft': {u'href': u'http://msstra066-ubuntu/api/review-requests/19/draft/', u'method': u'GET'}, u'file_attachments': {u'href': u'http://msstra066-ubuntu/api/review-requests/19/file-attachments/', u'method': u'GET'}, u'submitter': {u'href': u'http://msstra066-ubuntu/api/users/mstar/', u'method': u'GET', u'title': u'mstar'}, u'screenshots': {u'href': u'http://msstra066-ubuntu/api/review-requests/19/screenshots/', u'method': u'GET'}, u'delete': {u'href': u'http://msstra066-ubuntu/api/review-requests/19/', u'method': u'DELETE'}}, u'target_groups': [], u'bugs_closed': [], u'changenum': 5, u'target_people': [], u'testing_done': u'', u'branch': u'', u'id': 19, u'time_added': u'2012-04-01T18:29:33', u'summary': u'<saved by Perforce>', u'public': False}, u'err': {u'msg': u'The change number specified has already been used', u'code': 204}}
Review request already exists. Updating it...
HTTP PUTting to http://msstra066-ubuntu/api/review-requests/19/: {'changenum': 5}
Uploading diff, size: 179
HTTP POSTing to http://msstra066-ubuntu/api/review-requests/19/diffs/: {}
Got API Error 105 (HTTP code 400): One or more fields had errors
Error data: {u'fields': {u'path': [u'[Errno 2] No such file or directory']}, u'stat': u'fail', u'err': {u'msg': u'One or more fields had errors', u'code': 105}}
Your review request still exists, but the diff is not attached.

What operating system are you using? What browser?
OS: ubuntu
browser: firefox

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