Comment #4 on issue 2564 by post-review --summary doesn't work

here is the debug output, nothing strange apparently but when I open the review request the fields are not set
c:\>post-review --summary="SUMMARYOFTHETHING" -o -d
RBTools 0.4.1
Home = C:\Users\adcrabolu\AppData\Roaming
HTTP GETting api/
HTTP GETting http://reviewboardserver/api/info/
Using the new web API
HTTP GETting http://reviewboardserver/api/repositories/
HTTP GETting http://reviewboardserver/api/repositories/1/
HTTP GETting http://reviewboardserver/api/repositories/1/info/
Attempting to create review request on svn://srv-svn.mydomain/products for None HTTP POSTing to http://reviewboardserver/api/review-requests/: {'repository': u'srv-svn.mydomain/products'}
Review request created
Attempting to set field 'summary' to 'SUMMARYOFTHETHING' for review request '18' HTTP PUTting to http://reviewboardserver/api/review-requests/18/draft/: {'summary': 'SUMMARYOFTHETHING'}
Uploading diff, size: 1111
HTTP POSTing to http://reviewboardserver/api/review-requests/18/diffs/: {'basedir': '
Review request #18 posted.

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