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New issue 2579 by djblets: embedded jquery stuff doesn't incude source and copyright information


I'm trying to package reviewboard together with dependencies to debian and it was noticed by Jakub Wilk that there are a few issues with JQuery .js files distributed in djblets and reviewboard tarballs


1. djblets/media/js/jquery-1.3.2.min.js is distributed as "obfuscated" file. Could you please put original "source" JS (human-readable) file somewhere in tarball? It's even not required to actually use it. This will simplify packaging work

2. For jquery-ui-1.6rc2.min.js and jquery-ui-1.6rc5.min.js are "obfuscated" too. JQuery UI is originally distributed under GPL/MIT and both license requirements are not satisfied (no copyright statement, etc). At the same time it looks like they are not used at all in djblets. So probably it's ok to just remove them for tarball

3. datagrid.js and jquery.gravy.js looks like not from JQuery. datagrid looks like reviewboard-specific and jquery.gravy is present in some other projects. Do you know license of these files? If they are from reviewboard, could you please specify their license at the top


1. Exactly same as p.2 for djblets: /reviewboard/htdocs/media/rb/js/jquery-tui-1.6rc5.min.js lacks copyright statement so it violates both GPL and MIT. Could you please also include it's "source" in tarball?

2. ui.autocomplete.min.js contains "original" source (thanks for this). But unfortunately it lacks copyright header too.

Thanks a lot

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