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New issue 2587 by Would like ability to categorize comment/issues ( ala Codestriker ).

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What version are you running? 1.6.6

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Describe the enhancement and the motivation for it.
We're using Carnegie Melon's TSP (Team Software Process).
One of the major metrics of this process is categorizing
defects (the kind, where they were injected and where they
were removed). When making a review comment, if an issue is raised,
we would like to be able to categorize the type of defect (syntax,
algorithm, I/O, data, etc.) The categories should be customizable by
an administrator.

What operating system are you using? What browser?
Linux, Firefox and Chrome.

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Ideally, when reviewboard 2.0 comes out, we would receive a notification on issue-injection and create a defect in our
TSP software.

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