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New issue 2598 by When locking a symm feature, ELS also locks various files

Note that just when a symm feature is locked, there are a number of files that get locked with the same key. This seems to cause "Unhandled exception" while getting a lock on the same symm feature on the same host using the same test script (in adifferent telnet window).

========== screen dump from second window ==============

checkTPRequirements called to check TP requirements


Safedie called at Phys::Host::File::_new (/toc/symapi/perllib/Phys/Host/ line 213)
Could not lock the file
Lock attempt of file /toc/map_work/perlexec/sym_avoid.txt on host dlqa0035 failed.



Trace begun at /toc/symapi/perllib/Util/ line 103
Util::SafeDie::safedie('Could not lock the file ^JLock attempt of file /toc/map_work/perlexec/sym_avoid.txt on host dlqa0035 failed.^J') called at /toc/symapi/perllib/Phys/Host/ line 213 Phys::Host::File::_new('Phys::Host::File', 'FILE', '/toc/map_work/perlexec/sym_avoid.txt') called at /toc/symapi/perllib/Phys/Host/ line 168 Phys::Host::File::getInstance('Phys::Host::File', 'FILE', 'sym_avoid.txt') called at /toc/symapi/perllib/TestFramework/ line 671 TestFramework::Requirements::checkResourceUseAvoidFiles('SYM_AVOID', 'HASH(0x2146ea8)', 'SYM_USE', 'HASH(0x2146ec8)', 'DEV_AVOID', 'HASH(0x2146ee8)', 'DEV_USE', 'HASH(0x2146f08)') called at /toc/symapi/perllib/TestFramework/ line 539 TestFramework::Requirements::getCompatibleSymIds('USE_ARRAYS', 'ARRAY(0x57cfb08)', 'ATTACHMENT', 'Local', 'KIT', 'V6.5.0+', 'UCODE_VERSION', '73+') called at /toc/symapi/perllib/TestFramework/ line 393 TestFramework::Requirements::getCompatibleArrays('USE_ARRAYS', 'ARRAY(0x57cfb08)', 'KIT', 'V6.5.0+', 'ATTACHMENT', 'Local', 'UCODE_VERSION', '73+') called at /toc/symapi/perllib/TestFramework/ line 232 TestFramework::Requirements::checkRequirements('USE_ARRAYS', 'ARRAY(0x57cfb08)', 'ATTACHMENT', 'Local', 'KIT', 'V6.5.0+', 'UCODE_VERSION', '73+') called at line 565
main::checkTPRequirements at line 407
main::testSymipsec('current_tp', 1, 'current_tp_name', 'Add IPV4 policies', 'ACTION', 'ADDIPV4POLICY', 'DESIRED_RESULT', 'PASS', 'current_test_id', 1, 'TEST_CONTEXT', 'HASH(0x57d31c0)') called at /toc/symapi/perllib/TestFramework/ line 682 TestFramework::TestPoint::_runFunction('TestFramework::TestPoint=HASH(0x5270c20)') called at /toc/symapi/perllib/TestFramework/ line 234 TestFramework::TestPoint::__ANON__[/toc/symapi/perllib/TestFramework/] at /toc/symapi/perllib/ line 379
eval {...} at /toc/symapi/perllib/ line 371
Error::subs::try('CODE(0x57d2fc0)', 'HASH(0x57d3210)') called at /toc/symapi/perllib/TestFramework/ line 260 TestFramework::TestPoint::run('TestFramework::TestPoint=HASH(0x5270c20)', 'PRIMARY_ADHOC', undef) called at /toc/symapi/perllib/TestFramework/ line 240 TestFramework::Test::__ANON__[/toc/symapi/perllib/TestFramework/] at /toc/symapi/perllib/ line 379
eval {...} at /toc/symapi/perllib/ line 371
Error::subs::try('CODE(0x57c3b50)', 'HASH(0x57c1508)') called at /toc/symapi/perllib/TestFramework/ line 316 TestFramework::Test::run('TestFramework::Test=HASH(0x5270c50)') called at /toc/symapi/perllib/ line 402 TestFramework::__ANON__[/toc/symapi/perllib/] at /toc/symapi/perllib/ line 379
eval {...} at /toc/symapi/perllib/ line 371
Error::subs::try('CODE(0x5430610)', 'HASH(0x5495920)') called at /toc/symapi/perllib/ line 421
TestFramework::runTest at line 193

Unhandled exception: Could not lock the file
Lock attempt of file /toc/map_work/perlexec/sym_avoid.txt on host dlqa0035 failed.

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